Study in Norway

With the beautiful and exciting snow winters Norway is one of the most liberal and tolerant country in the world. In Norway they speak English well not proficiency level so no worries about any language barrier for conversation with local people but Yes, if you learn their language, Defiantly they will appreciate you to talk with them in their native language.

Capital Oslo


Language – Norwegian


Population – 5.3 million


International students – 15,000


Academic Year – September – June


Currency – Norwegian Krona (NOK)


Time Zone – CET (UTC +1)

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Education system in Norway

Every year more than 15000 international students enrolled in Universities of Norway, Norwegian educational system best for diversity & their prestigious education. As other EU countries Norway education system follows objective of the Bologna process, there are public and private universities with three degrees Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate which are internationally recognized.  

Cost of living

The cost of living is reasonably higher than most other European countries, mainly accommodation for single student is very expensive so prefer P.G with other students will be cost effective.

Average cost of living in Norway is around 1500 dollar.

Some average living costs in Norway are:

Meal – USD $24

Coffee – USD $6

Monthly rent – USD $1,200

Although a night out eating and drinking is fun, there’s always plenty to do in Norway that costs nothing and can be just as exciting. For example, no Norwegian experience is complete without experiencing nature. No matter where you study abroad in Norway, hiking, swimming, and relaxing in nature is never too far, and it’s completely free!