Poland is a 7th largest country in Europe by its area where you can find rich history with vibrant culture that’s attract people all over the world. Poland is attracting more & more students from all over the world every year by the recent efforts in internationalization. The country offers best education with affordable tuition fees & cost of living for international students who dream to study in Poland.

Poland is Located in Central Europe with the borders of Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus. Warsaw is Poland’s capital & largest city with modern hub of many universities which is offering a wide range of courses. 

Why choose Poland ?

800 years of history in Poland of higher education study system, Poland has 400 plus institutions & many of which offers English study programs which has large number of international aspirants from all over the world.

With 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Poland is place where you not only study but you can explore rich history & spending your free time with bustling nightlife, that’s make your study periods in unforgettable experience.

Motive immigration understand the value of students and their future career.We are working 24 X 7 for students bright future opportunities and stages which leads them top of the world.


Poland is an attractive destination for students. For international students average cost of study for first degree is approx. 2000 EUR per year & For higher degree approx. 3000 EUR per year which is very affordable for students. 

Living cost of Poland are very low, In fact it is lower than many other European countries. Depends on the city students can get accommodation expenses but with student dormitory services you can get less than 100 EUR per month for a shared room. With a desirable lifestyle, you might get almost less than 500 EUR per month.

It does not matter where you are living in Poland but It is sure that time of your all over stay will always remembering experience for whole life.

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