Germany is the ideal country to study with best education, amazing  life in beautiful landscapes, and a traditional culture which result of diversity of people from all over the world.

Germany known as a “The country of poets and thinkers”, More over 400 plus  higher education institutions in Germany, where more than 1000 study programs are available in English with international rankings.

Eligibility criteria

Bachelor’s Degree

Minimum Requirements

  • 65% or CGPA above in German Course (No IELTS)
  • 80% or CGPA above for English Course (IELTS 6.5 Overall)
Master’s Degree

Minimum Requirements 

  • 65% or CGPA above in German Course ( Compulsory for Medical Field )
  • No English Course for Medical Field
  • 75% or CGPA above for English Course (For Computer/IT)
  • 77 to 80% or CGPA above for English Course (Rest of all Fields)

Tuition fees

In Germany, students are studying in top world ranking universities with free education, Yes that’s true, In Germany most universities are giving whole study without fees & also they are giving scholarships which help students for their expenses like accommodation, food etc. so students can focus on study without any financial hassle. 

Motive immigration understand the value of students and their future career. We are working 24 X 7 for students bright future opportunities and stages which leads them top of the world.

Cost of living

Germany is little bit expensive then other Western European nations. Students can get 800 euros average cost of living per month in Germany.

Metropolitan areas like Hamburg or Munich have high rents but not as much high as cities like London or Paris. Depend on students they can reduce their expenses by living in P.G & by control their personal expenses. 

Job market for graduates

Germany has a strong economy with great opportunities for international graduates. Like many other European nations Germany’s economy is not only in specific locations. Industrial hubs are in across the country. Germany has strong hands in Trade, Media, IT, Automotive & manufacturing. Germany’s capital Berlin is not good in industrial stuff but since years it is on top developed as startup city in all European nations.

Speaking German is always required as a prior condition for entry -level jobs & its depends on industry like most jobs in tech/IT and internationally oriented startups where you can get yourself easy for language bars. 


Germany is not complicated to enter or exit because Munich and Frankfurt have one of the world’s largest airports, This two airports are heavily connected with all over Europe & entire world, More over In Germany Trains or buses are the viable options to travel within Germany.

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