About Italy

In most visited countries list Italy took 5th place globally, Italy is also known for its traditional and environmental tourist places and is home to 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the most in the world. Rome is the commonly visited town in Europe and the 12th most hit city in the world, with millions of tourists while Milan is the 27th position in the world, Besides, Florence and Venice are also among the world’s top 100 destinations.

In 2016, Italy had about 5.05 million foreigners, to make up 8.3% of the total population. The figures of foreign nationals acquired Italian citizenship in 2016, about 201,000 people became Italian citizens, As of 2010, the foreign-born population of Italy was from the following regions: Europe (54%), Africa (22%), Asia (16%), the Americas (8%) and Oceania (0.06%). In Italy, the Southern part is very low populated, around 13% of the total population of Italy and 87% lives in the northern and central parts of the country which is the most economically developed area.

Italy has one of the most popular and best trams in all over the world who has won the two titles of FIFA continuously in 1934 and 1938 and after that 1982,2006. In all European football communities, Italy has chased the second position to win 48 trophies & become the most successful country in the world.

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Education In Italy

Tertiary education in Italy is divided between public and private universities. Many Italian universities were ranked among the world’s top 500 in 2019, which is the third-largest number in Europe after the United Kingdom and Germany. 

For Indian students, Italy is the best place to study abroad because of its world’s top-ranking and oldest universities, And for Asian students, Italy has 100% Scholarship programs furthermore Free education is very helpful for students to focus on their study and make a bright future. Italy has the most professional faculties which turn into high–quality education in every university, It helps students to open the gate for a better future. Italy is the best place to live and study in Italy for foreigners.

The academic year in Italy has two semesters. The first semester starts in the Sep/Oct and ends in the Jan/Feb & the second semester starts in Feb and ends in Jul.

ERASMUS+ (European community action scheme for the mobility of university students)


  • Students can study the first year in ITALY & another year in any 28 countries of the European Union
  • Students will receive dual degrees under this program.
  • Free education & accommodation in any country of the European Union.
  • Can also change his/her education field for 1 year.
  • assport stamping in any 28 countries

Eligibility Criteria

No IELTS, GRE & TOEFL required

  • Minimum 55% required for admission.
  • Admission in world's top ranking universities.
  • Last qualifications must be in English.
  • 12th students can apply.
  • Last semester students can apply.
  • Students can apply for master programs until age of 30 years.
  • 12th students can apply with 2 years of gap.
  • No entrance exam for scholarships.
  • Students are eligible for scholarships with 55% only.
  • Students have more than 70% in last qualification can be Eligible for free accommodation with food.

Top Ranking Universities In Italy

  • Polytechnico Di Milano
  • Sapienza University Of Rome
  • University of Bologna
  • Polytechnico Di Torino
  • University of Venice
  • University of Florence
  • University of Milan
  • University of Siena

Documents List

  • Scan Passport Copy Front and Back
  • 10th Result
  • 12th Result
  • Curriculam Vitae
  • BE Transcript & HRD Appostile Stamp
  • Letter of Recommendation-2
  • Medium of Instruction
  • BE Certificate With HRD Appostile
  • One Scanned Photograph
  • Statement of Purpose (sop)
  • All Semester Mark Sheets

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