Studying MBBS Abroad For Indian Students At A Lower Cost Is A Big Dream

Hearing about studying MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost makes everyone’s eyes light up with excitement. If you choose to take your MBBS abroad, trust us when we say that everyone will respect your decision. There are several MBBS universities in other countries. To secure a bright future in medicine, you can fly anyplace. Every year, a truckload of students travels abroad to study MBBS. If you opt to study MBBS overseas, you will have a 100% success rate. Why don’t you pursue an MBBS degree in a foreign country? MBBS abroad is a fantastic option for Indian students who want to pursue a career in medicine. The NMC has several universities associated with it to allow Indian students to study medicine abroad. To apply for an MBBS admission in a foreign country, you need to speak with a reputable education advisor. Over 7,50,000 Indian students are studying overseas, according to Quora. MBBS fees in other countries are considerably lower than in India! Fly to a prestigious overseas institution for a low-cost MBBS program. Your medical future will shine like a diamond if you have a good education.

If you want to get into medicine for your further education, you should know that it takes around 4 to 7 years to accomplish your degree. That’s a significant amount of time. How can you make this a painless and stress-free experience for yourself? You may make things easier for yourself by choosing to study MBBS overseas, where you will receive a high-quality education from prestigious colleges and have a fulfilling experience. The good news is that you can make it a stress-free experience by using this MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low-cost guide, which will connect you with the finest study abroad nations that provide medicine courses at reasonable costs.

When compared to other nations, studying MBBS in India is more costly. One of the primary reasons why Indian students look to foreign nations to realize their ambitions is because of this. In India, a student must pay almost 75 lakh to pursue MBBS; however, if he or she pursues MBBS abroad, the cost is merely 60 lakh.

Because of the increased tuition in India, students must either study at a government university or relocate to another country. However, because the number of government medical colleges is limited, students must compete more fiercely for admission. According to statistics, 7 lakh candidates fought across India for 25,085 merit seats in government colleges for MBBS in 2016. So, if you want to be a doctor, either study hard to pass the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) or look for institutions that provide low-cost MBBS programs for Indian students.

MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost and delivers a high-quality education. However, be certain that you select the appropriate international college.

Studying MBBS Abroad Takes A Long Time

    • The length of an MBBS degree obtained from a foreign country is six years.

    • Internship programmes are also included in this 6-year MBBS curriculum.

    • Working in multinational organisations all around the world is part of the internship programme.

    • The whole MBBS course, as well as the internship, will ensure your success.

    • After completing an MBBS course at an international university, you may realise your aspirations.

Criteria For MBBS in a Foreign Country.

For MBBS admission in another country, there are a few requirements that must be met.

    • You must be 17 years old or older on or before December 31st of the year you are applying for admission.

    • With a scientific degree, you must pass the 10+2 grade exam.

    • In the 12th year, you must take Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as subjects.

    • To graduate, you must get at least 50% on your 12th-grade exams.

    • To apply for MBBS in another country, you must pass the NEET test.

    • These are the general requirements for studying MBBS in a foreign country.

Check Out Nations Offering MBBS Abroad For Indian Students At a Low Cost.

The majority of students in India are interested in MBBS, making it one of the most sought-after degrees. In India, there are about 50,000 MBBS seats available, with over 13 lakh NEET candidates. To get into a government college, you either have to be a genius or a member of the SC/ST/underprivileged sections. To make matters worse, most private medical institutions charge exorbitant tuition that is out of reach for most middle-class students. So, how do you pick which country is the best? You must use caution while you establish the foundation for your medical profession. Check out this list of nations that provide low-cost MBBS programs for Indian students.


Russia, known for its low tuition fees, attracts several Indian students each year, ensuring that they receive a high-quality education at its universities. The Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization (WHO), and UNESCO have all acknowledged Russian medical universities. Apart from the cheap cost of tuition for Russian medical schools, the cost of living in Russia is also low by European standards. All of these elements combine to make Russia one of the most popular destinations in Europe for MBBS students.


The number of overseas students in Ukraine has risen dramatically in recent years. It is well-known not just for offering MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost. But also for the high quality of its curriculum and facilities. The Ukrainian government is very supportive of international students, and they make sure that no student is denied any services throughout their time in the country. It provides financial assistance to medical schools.


The Philippines is an excellent place to study medicine. The total cost of the course is 25% cheaper than the fees in India. An MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree in the Philippines is equal to an MBBS degree in India. For admission in an undergraduate degree with credits in biology and related courses, and a score on the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) is required. The cut-off NMAT score for overseas students is generally higher than for domestic students, and it is set at the discretion of the medical school.


Germany boasts some of the greatest universities in the world, with cutting-edge treatments and technology. Many institutions offer overseas students financial aid in the form of scholarships. Students who study medicine in Germany will get international experience and exposure to the medical profession. The best thing is that there are no exorbitant tuition costs. The majority of state-funded colleges charge no or a little tuition (max INR 40,000 per year).

Things Need to Consider Before Applying for MBBS abroad.

For all medical students, studying MBBS abroad is a dream come true. Following are the things that every student needs to consider before applying for MBBS abroad:

    • Indian and foreign students can afford to attend institutions abroad.

    • The universities have received accreditation from the National Medical Council, the World Health Organization, and other prestigious organizations.

    • Indians are plentiful here, as the majority of students pursuing MBBS education overseas are Indians.

    • The countries of the world are both environmentally friendly and safe.

    • Before applying to institutions overseas, you must understand the fee structure.

    • It is critical to be aware of your living expenditures.

    • You may also inquire about whether or not they provide Indian cuisine.

    • You should be aware of the NMC/FMGE pass rate.

    • You will benefit from knowing the number of Indian pupils.

    • It is critical to be aware of the importance of safety.

    • After completing MBBS abroad, the scope should be known.

    • You must determine if the university is a public or private institution.

Why Motive Immigration?

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Low Grades on NEET? MBBS in the Philippines Is a Great Option

Before we start discussing anything, let’s gather some information about NEET and why it is important somewhere.

What is NEET? Who are the developers and administrators?

NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST (NEET) is an entrance test taken by the national testing agency under the government of India to test those students who wish to pursue their career in the medical field. Earlier NEET test was organized, administrated, and developed by the central board of secondary education till 2018 and with the certain amendment by the government, now NEET is under the head of the national testing agency from 2019, till now. NEET entrance exam was started from 2013 across India who seeking admission for both undergraduates and postgraduate courses. NEET replaced AIPMT (ALL INDIA PRE MEDICAL TEST) and many other medical exams which were earlier conducted by different-different states and various medical colleges.

Till now NEET is the only entrance exam available for medical students who want to take admissions in MBBS and BDS seats in India. In simple words, NEET is a common and uniform National Eligibility-cum-Entrance test across India. All medical colleges accept the NEET score, and it is mandatory for every student to give a medical entrance test to pursue their career in any medical field.


If a person scores fewer marks in the NEET entrance exam, then there no chance to take admission in any medical college (Government) in India. The college strictly follows the prescribed format developed by the government of India to be a part of medical colleges and courses. If in case, after getting less score then needed one then and still want to do any medical course as everyone knows how respected the career option is. Every year, tons of students appear in the NEET entrance exam and everyone knows the importance of this exam.

As there is cutthroat competition in the field of medical everyone wants to be in the field of medicine but due to their low grades, it’s not possible. The solution for this is as they can study MBBS abroad consultant which is a far better option than studying in India under private institution with hiked prices for the same study with comparison of a government institution. Here, you can consider MBBS In Philippines consultancy today and grab the opportunity to gain the best medical education at nominal expenses.

What is MBBS Abroad?

MBBS abroad is one of the best options to study in another country like European countries with the same or less amount of money. Various consultants allow the student to study outside India whether a person has a good score or not. Thus it is just an alternate option available to the student to study. If a person wants to study MBBS abroad, it can help them fulfil their dreams at lower prices than an Indian institution. Various countries are providing MBBS option, and some of them are listed below:-

· China· Russia

· Philippines

· Ukraine

· Poland

· Bangladesh


· Germany and many more

These are some countries that provide students an option to pursue their career in the medical stream without any kind of complications.


According to many study MBBS abroad consultants, the Philippines is a better option. There are various colleges available that provide the best options to students for top-notch medical education. With the help of a consultant, it becomes easier to find the right college as per your requirement and budget.

Some students fear before choosing the Philippines for further studies. Mainly, they are worried about the language barriers. You should not worry; the common language English can be used there, and it is not a big deal as the Philippines follow the Indian system of education. The complete syllabus and education methods are highly similar. It means you don’t have to put effort into additional subjects or education.

Benefits of pursuing MBBS in Philippines: –

No donation is needed or required – in some countries, you have to pay a big amount of money as a donation to get admission and medical education.

No entrance test generally, students consider entrance examination as a big barrier in admission. Choosing the Philippines can help you avoid the entrance exam.

Economical fees – Philippines can help you get the desired medical education without spending a big amount of money.

World-class infrastructure – if you choose one of the best MBBS In Philippines consultancy services, you can get complete details and understand how good the Philippines is for medical education.

Some Other Benefits:

· Top class universities

· Better return on investment

· More seat options

· Scholarship aid

Wrapping up

The Philippines is a tropical country and the preferable country because of its similar features, like language, weather, social system, etc. This will be the main reason to study abroad with the same cost and better exposure and environment. You should not forget to choose the right study MBBS abroad consultants and gather complete information about the educational course.

How Can I Prepare for Study Abroad?

Many students are having dreams of studying in another country to get a world-class education. It helps them in getting more recognition and exposure. Along with it, study abroad is also useful to get better job offers and build a bright future. In case you also have the same dream, you should consider one of the best studies abroad consultants today. A consultant can help you gather complete details about the process and education courses abroad.

Hiring the best one is beneficial in simplifying the complete procedure and avoid various mistakes. Sometimes, the individuals don’t have complete knowledge about procedures and they don’t hire the consultant as well. Due to the lack of knowledge, they face multiple barriers while applying to colleges abroad and completing formalities. In these cases, the people may face rejections.

With the help of consultants, all these barriers can be eliminated with ease. Some students don’t compromise with anything and choosing the best abroad consultants. As a result, they get success in getting approval quickly. After all these things, they want to know what things they should do to keep themselves ready.

Key Aspects For Study Abroad Preparations

When it comes to visiting another country for studying purposes, you have to check out lots of factors. Some students want a complete guide that can help them in making things easier. The followings are some key points to consider.

Passport And Visa Application

Firstly, you need to focus on applying for a passport and VISA. In case you don’t have a passport, then you need to focus on the complete process immediately and apply for the passport. Without a passport, you cannot get anything. After having the passport and fulfilling all types of requirements, you should focus on the VISA application.

VISA is important to get permission from another country’s government for entry and pursue education perfectly. For all these things, you should look out for multiple things. Here, you can get assistance from the study abroad consultants and sort out everything quickly.

Travel Doctor

When it comes to studying abroad, then you have to travel to another country. Traveling is not easy for everyone. Here, you need to consider a good doctor for proper examination. Here, you have to ask the doctor to issue a health certificate that declares that your health condition is perfect and you can travel without any kind of problem. This particular certification or document is required for lots of things.

Travel Insurance

With all these things, you should not forget to apply for travel insurance. It is necessary to deal with some unfavorable conditions. It can help you in getting financial security regarding some major losses, such as – plan delay, ticket cancelation, and much more.


After all these confirmations and procedures, you should start making required bookings, such as – plane tickets. You may get lots of options for traveling. All options are not available at similar prices and with similar kinds of features. While choosing an airline, you can get help from study abroad consultants and ask them for some references.

Do Research

You should not forget to do proper research about the place or country you are visiting. Mainly, you should know about the culture, customs, people, etc. These things can help you in getting aware of the place and what kind of things you can do there.

study abroad consultants in Gandhinagar

Language Skills

All areas have some local languages. When it comes to studying abroad, then you will get English support always as English is a common language. If we talk about comfort and deal with multiple situations in another country, then you should try to build some specific language skills. Learning a little bit local language of the desired country and help you in making things easier.

Here, some people are misguided by the in-experienced individuals. You should get assistance and proper guidance from the experienced and best study abroad consultants about all these factors. Sometimes, the consultants also have references regarding the sources to learn different types of languages with ease.


Packing is one of the trickiest tasks. While packing your stuff, you need to take care of lots of factors, such as – travel guidelines, weight permits, stuff restrictions, and much more. Try to make one big bag, one backpack that you can carry, and one personal item only. These are some major things that you should keep ready.

By paying attention to all these things, you can easily get yourself ready to study abroad. It cannot be a difficult task if you pick one of the best study abroad consultants. In case you make a wrong decision, it can become a reason for lots of issues. While choosing the best consultant, you should not forget to check out testimonials and compare all options. In case you want to avoid unnecessary confusion and related hassle, you can consider our services. Contact us today and get solutions to all your problems and apply for studying abroad.




    How To Find The Study Abroad Consultants In Gandhinagar?

    Are you looking for the best educational consultant! Do you want to study abroad? If your answer is yes, then this article will help you to get all your information. We all have a dream to see ourselves in top positions and to study abroad. But many times, our goal remains a dream. When a student has decided to study overseas, there are lots of queries which comes in our mind. You can’t ignore all the questions. So, if you are looking for study abroad consultants in Gandhinagar, then read the article, it might help you in achieving your dream. Let us don’t waste any more time and see how to find the best consultant to study abroad.

    Tips to select the ethical study abroad consultants

    Everybody likes to study outside to get a degree and to settle out. Earning a degree from a recognized International University can change your future. These universities help you to shape your future, and in a few years, you can see yourself in the top MNCs. Some students can manage their own in choosing the right path to study abroad, while others did not get a clue about how to choose the right consultant. So, before achieving your dream, you should know the tips to choose the perfect education consultant to study abroad.

    Why do you need an education consultant?

    • An education consultant will tell you the details of the course. They will also tell you about the merits and demerits of the course. So, analyze those and then decide whether you will pursue the course or not.
    • The consultants will also arrange your tickets for traveling abroad.
    • The study abroad consultants will also help you with financial needs, and they can also offer you some discounts on the course.
    • They would also guide you that which course suits you. 
    • The consultants will also let you know how the course can change your life.
    • The consultant will also help you know about the course fee structure, scholarship pattern, etc. in detail.

    It is excellent that you have understood the value and importance of education consultants. Let us see how you will choose the best consultants for you.

    Assemble information about the consultants.

    The best way to get information about the consultants is to Google about them. Try to get information about the consultants by looking at the review. Please look at their success ratio, and for how long they are working in this field. You can directly contact with the customers who took guidance from them. Ask them about their experience with the consultants.

    Professional history

    It is also good to hold practical experience in the realm. Perhaps you assemble all the relevant information regarding the consultant but found it to be good. The review score is showing above 85% in Google. You thought them to be the best education consultant and hire them. Later you found that they zero experience in helping the students. They will only guide you in getting admission, nothing more than that. Or it might also happen that you want to take entry in the USA, but they have sound knowledge about the admission of Australia. Will they serve you any purpose? So, keep a watchful eye in this.

    Which countries do they provide service?

    No person can provide you with information about every country. For instance, you like to take admission in the UK, and the consultants that you found best is specialized in helping Australian universities or any other universities. So, it would not serve your purpose, right. Before hiring any consultant, take their contact number, and talk with them. Clear all your doubts. It would help you if you write down all the relevant points in the paper and ask them in phone calls. Don’t forget to ask them about their package. You know very well that different consultants offer different packages. Choose only that which suits your requirements.

    Scholarship information.

    The responsibility of every education consultant is to provide you with detailed information about the scholarship. They must suggest some scholarship programs. Visit the authentic sites of colleges and information, and there you will get all the relevant information about the scholarship. After acquiring the knowledge, ask your consultant about the scholarship structure. If you find suitable about the scholarship structure, then hire the consultants.

    Passport or visa formalities.

    Most students did not possess a passport or visa. It is one of the reasons why brilliant students, at last, didn’t take admission in the abroad universities or colleges. The education consultant should help you in getting your passport or visa as soon as possible. It is a tiring and time taking process, but be sure that they are providing you with the service of passports or not.

    Budget-friendly accommodation.

    Suppose you took admission in abroad, all you need is a budget-friendly accommodation. The education consultant’s responsibility is to provide you with perfect lodging that comes under your budget. Before hiring them, you should talk with them regarding that. 

    The idea about the popular courses.

    As a student, it is not possible to know every detail of the courses, right? So, here comes the role of the consultants. They should provide you with all first of the information about the course. You should listen to what benefits you will get if you do the lessons. If you find that the consultants are unable to provide you with any detailed information regarding the course, then it’s better not to hire them.


    It would be a very tough task if you decided to continue your higher studies abroad. Don’t panic; lots of students are doing various courses in different parts of the world. We have given detailed information regarding the education consultants. Read everything and let your heart decide, which one suits you. There are lots of scammers, so before hiring any consultant, you should look at their identity card, and then only you will start discussing with them.