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Visa Categories

Student Visa

We guide our clients for the perception & better career opportunities for the students, Overseas services

Work Permit

Permit To Work refers to management systems used to ensure that work is done safely and efficiently.

Visitor Visa

Visas for the people who want to travel to and enter as a visitor for up to 6 months. We stick the visitor visa.

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The selection of a place abroad for study should be based on your interests and aims. You should keep
your life and career goals in mind while finalizing everything. At Motive Immigration, you can meet with
the experts and the best study abroad consultants who can help you out. Across the world, you have
options of several places to study abroad. Our consultants help you in choosing the suitable one as per
your goals and to build a better future

For choosing an education program or course, you have to rely on your interests. Firstly, you should try to
figure out the category of courses you want to do such as engineering, medical, IT, management, etc.
You can find multiple courses regarding these categories such as MBBS, mechanical engineering,
biotechnology, management, chemical engineering, computer science, etc. With our overseas
educational consultant in Gandhinagar, Jamnagar, and Udaipur, you can make a good decision easily

An educational consultant can help you in simplifying the procedure of choosing a suitable course and all
other related details. If you choose an experienced and knowledgeable consultant as Motive Immigration
has, then you can easily make all decisions. Our experts provide counseling in applying for the best
institution, availing scholarships and bank loans, visa documentation, tuition fees payments,
pre-departure guidance, and international support.

Everyone wants to build a good future by shaping up a career perfectly. With our study abroad
consultants and their guidance, you can get your career at global heights. Study abroad can help you in
building networks in other countries and working under the supervision of multinationals. It increases your
confidence level and helps in developing the best skills.

Russia, France, Norway, the United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Latvia,
Hungary, and Lithuania are some popular countries to study abroad. Motive Immigration overseas
educational consultant in Gandhinagar can provide guidance regarding all countries and suitable
educational program and courses.