Which Country Is Best for MBBS

Medicine is known as one of the noblest professions of them all. MBBS, known as Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, is a degree that is a must for aspiring doctors. Students to become doctors prepare their best to get into top medical colleges. The competition over the rise has never dropped and only risen with more and more students wanting to get into this field. This is never getting old career choice is due to various reasons such as:

●      Satisfaction in a job as a doctor is high 

●      Shortage of doctors, leading to more vacancies

●      Broad career opportunities 

●      And last but not least, the money and rewards.

It is a fact that there never will be too many doctors and health care workers. However, if we see the current covid situation, we can all agree that more qualified doctors could be of great help in these challenging times. So, the demand for doctors and MBBS is at a  global level. However, it is known by different degree names throughout the world. For example, MBBS is known as Doctor of Medicine (MD) in the United States, MB ChB or MB BCh in the United Kingdom, etc. Medical professionals are respected all over the globe, and it is a prestigious pursuit to study medicine. If you’re looking for options to study medicine, we have discussed it in detail further. 

Which country is best for MBBS abroad? 

The first best option to study medicine is in Europe. The United Kingdom has top universities and is a prestigious destination for students to study abroad. In addition, a degree from Europe will add more credibility to your career. Medical courses in the United Kingdom are four years of duration with an average fee of $13,000 to $50,000 in a year. 

The top universities to study in the United Kingdom are:

●      University of Oxford 

●      University of Cambridge 

●      University College London 

●      Imperial College London 

●      King’s College London 

The next best destination is the United States of America. There are over 172 medical universities to study medicine in. There’s only one condition: to have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, neuroscience, or biology to study medicine in the United States of America. The course duration is the same: 4 years and the average fee of $25,000 to $34,000. 

The top medical universities in the United States are:

●      Harvard University 

●      Stanford University 

●      Johns Hopkins University 

●      University of California, Los Angeles 

●      Yale University 

Next on the list is Canada. Like the United States, Canada also does not offer an MBBS degree. Instead, the course is called MD. There are five-year courses offered in universities in Canada in case you do not have a degree in science. The course duration ranges from 3 to 5 years, with an average fee of $16,000 to $23,000 a year. 

Top universities in Canada for medicine are:

●      University of Toronto 

●      McGill University 

●      McMaster University 

●      University of Alberta 

●      University of British Columbia 

Which country is best for MBBS with the lowest fees?

Education is expensive, and a doctorate is even more. Even though the colleges that we just saw are the best, the fee structure is not affordable for all the students. Many scholarships are offered, but even then, every student cannot manage to get in. Financial limitations should never come in between your education and goals. So, we are going to look at destination options that offer MBBS at a low fee abroad. 

First is Russia, which is a country with an A-one medical education system with affordable tuition fees. The universities in Russia are recognized by the National Medical Commission and World Health Organization as well. Apart from fees, the cost of living in Russia is also low compared to European countries. The course duration in Russia is six years, including one year of internship with fees ranging from Rs. 3,00,000 to 8,00,000 per year. 

Some of the top universities in Russia are:

●      Altai State Medical University 

●      Ulyanovsk State Medical University 

●      People’s Friendship University of Russia 

●      Perm State Medical University 

●      Bashkir State Medical University 

The second-best option for a low-cost fee university is Ukraine. Good infrastructure, low tuition fees, and a sound education system are good destinations for students pursuing MBBS. In addition, the Ukrainian government is very supportive of students from abroad. They make sure no student is in shortage of any facility while in the country for their education. The course duration is 5.8 years, including the internship period with an average fee of 3,00,000 to 5,00,000 per year. 

Top universities for MBBS in Ukraine are:

●      Bogomolets National Medical University 

●      Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University 

●      Kharkiv National Medical University 

●      Odessa National Medical University 

●      Ternopil State Medical University 

The third best low-cost country for pursuing MBBS abroad is Kyrgyzstan. Medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan reserve at least 5 percent of the total seats for any international students. The degrees from Kyrgyzstan are recognized globally, and on completion of the course, you can get a license to practice medicine. The duration is six years, including the internship with an average fee ranging from Rs. 3,50,000 to 6,00,000 per year. 

Top medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan:

●      Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy 

●      Asian Medical Institute 

●      Kharkiv National Medical University 

●      Osh State University 

There are many more destinations, but these 3 are the top when we consider average tuition fees and the cost of living there as a student. These are the best destinations for MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low price. Education is expensive even in India, especially courses like MBBS. Students can study in India too, but when you study abroad, your credibility increases, and also you receive better exposure that can help you learn better. The choices are many; make sure to make the choice that best suits you. Do your research, talk to your senior and seek guidance from a mentor.




    Why Do People Prefer Medical Education in Russia?

    Everyone wants to get an education from the best sources. Education is the only way by which they can plan a good future and achieve goals in life. It is the biggest reason that’s why people with interest in medical education are choosing the option of MBBS in Russia consultants. These days, Russia appears as one of the best options for all these things. For medical education, it is a perfect option to pick that can help you build a bright future.

    Reasons To Choose Russian Medical Education

    Many individuals face confusion due to the availability of multiple options. Some people want to know why they should consider Russia instead of other countries. Here, everyone should pay attention to some basic factors. The followings are major reasons that can help you get some clarity.

    Lower Education Cost

    The most important thing that individuals are worried about is money. It is not easy to go outside the country and take proper high-class education. All people don’t have a strong financial capacity that makes them capable of bearing these expenses. Russia appears as a great option for these types of people. You can easily get a world-class education in Russia at affordable prices. If you have a low budget, you don’t have to worry.

    Higher-Level Affiliation

    In the case of education validations and other legalities, everyone wants to gather details about the image, credibility, and affiliation of sources. Here is the biggest reason for choosing MBBS in Russia. If you focus on the affiliation of Russian colleges or universities, then you can see some big names there, such as –

    • MCI
    • UNESCO
    • WHO

    All these organizations are well known worldwide. By taking admission to a Russian university for medical education, you can experience such a high-grade education.

    Low-Cost Living

    When it comes to studying abroad, then everyone worries about two major expenses, fees of courses and living costs. Living in another country associates with multiple differences, such as – currency changes, living standards, lifestyle, and much more. The key factor about Russia is that you can easily live by spending a small amount of money. It means you don’t feel any kind of burden.

    Use Of English

    Some people are interested in choosing Russia for medical education but they are worried about language. Everyone does not have Russian language skills by which they can understand everything with ease. The big thing about Russian University is that you also have the option of English medium. Here, the teachers will provide education in the English language that you can understand and learn easily. If you want to become a good doctor in the future, then you should not delay; contact the best MBBS in Russia consultants today.

    Well Maintained Accommodation For Students

    All students have different types of preferences for living in Russian during studies. Some love to live by taking their own apartment on rent, or some want to access a hostel. It does not matter what kind of option you choose. If you choose a hostel to live in Russia, then it can be a good option as well. You will get fully-equipped and well-maintained hostels. For all these things, you don’t have to spend a big amount of money. You can get the best education experience as compared to other countries.

    NO Entrance Examination

    In some cases, people have an objective of becoming a medical professional, but entrance exam becomes a big challenge. Some interested ones face bad luck and cannot get success in clearing the entrance examinations due to multiple reasons. Due to these types of unfavorable conditions, they start leaving their goals of life in-between and try to switch to something else.

    It is one of the worse feelings. In case you want to achieve such a goal, you can pick the option of MBBS in Russia. The biggest thing about Russia is that you don’t have to deal with the entrance examination. All you need to do is apply for the course and complete the remaining formalities.

    Practical Learning

    Everyone knows that education is not all about reading books, memorizing some lessons, and writing perfect copies. It is about skills you can develop with the help of professionals and educators. For all these things, you have to consider practical learning. In Russia, the education sources do not focus on theories and books only, but also they pay attention to proper practical learning to develop some specific skills quickly.

    These are some major reasons that can help you understand the importance of choosing Russia for medical education. In case you want to gather more details about the education courses or additional factors, you should consider a consultant. The MBBS in Russia consultants can provide proper guidance and make lots of things simpler by explaining the complete process and all types of requirements.




      How To Find The Study Abroad Consultants In Gandhinagar?

      Are you looking for the best educational consultant! Do you want to study abroad? If your answer is yes, then this article will help you to get all your information. We all have a dream to see ourselves in top positions and to study abroad. But many times, our goal remains a dream. When a student has decided to study overseas, there are lots of queries which comes in our mind. You can’t ignore all the questions. So, if you are looking for study abroad consultants in Gandhinagar, then read the article, it might help you in achieving your dream. Let us don’t waste any more time and see how to find the best consultant to study abroad.

      Tips to select the ethical study abroad consultants

      Everybody likes to study outside to get a degree and to settle out. Earning a degree from a recognized International University can change your future. These universities help you to shape your future, and in a few years, you can see yourself in the top MNCs. Some students can manage their own in choosing the right path to study abroad, while others did not get a clue about how to choose the right consultant. So, before achieving your dream, you should know the tips to choose the perfect education consultant to study abroad.

      Why do you need an education consultant?

      • An education consultant will tell you the details of the course. They will also tell you about the merits and demerits of the course. So, analyze those and then decide whether you will pursue the course or not.
      • The consultants will also arrange your tickets for traveling abroad.
      • The study abroad consultants will also help you with financial needs, and they can also offer you some discounts on the course.
      • They would also guide you that which course suits you. 
      • The consultants will also let you know how the course can change your life.
      • The consultant will also help you know about the course fee structure, scholarship pattern, etc. in detail.

      It is excellent that you have understood the value and importance of education consultants. Let us see how you will choose the best consultants for you.

      Assemble information about the consultants.

      The best way to get information about the consultants is to Google about them. Try to get information about the consultants by looking at the review. Please look at their success ratio, and for how long they are working in this field. You can directly contact with the customers who took guidance from them. Ask them about their experience with the consultants.

      Professional history

      It is also good to hold practical experience in the realm. Perhaps you assemble all the relevant information regarding the consultant but found it to be good. The review score is showing above 85% in Google. You thought them to be the best education consultant and hire them. Later you found that they zero experience in helping the students. They will only guide you in getting admission, nothing more than that. Or it might also happen that you want to take entry in the USA, but they have sound knowledge about the admission of Australia. Will they serve you any purpose? So, keep a watchful eye in this.

      Which countries do they provide service?

      No person can provide you with information about every country. For instance, you like to take admission in the UK, and the consultants that you found best is specialized in helping Australian universities or any other universities. So, it would not serve your purpose, right. Before hiring any consultant, take their contact number, and talk with them. Clear all your doubts. It would help you if you write down all the relevant points in the paper and ask them in phone calls. Don’t forget to ask them about their package. You know very well that different consultants offer different packages. Choose only that which suits your requirements.

      Scholarship information.

      The responsibility of every education consultant is to provide you with detailed information about the scholarship. They must suggest some scholarship programs. Visit the authentic sites of colleges and information, and there you will get all the relevant information about the scholarship. After acquiring the knowledge, ask your consultant about the scholarship structure. If you find suitable about the scholarship structure, then hire the consultants.

      Passport or visa formalities.

      Most students did not possess a passport or visa. It is one of the reasons why brilliant students, at last, didn’t take admission in the abroad universities or colleges. The education consultant should help you in getting your passport or visa as soon as possible. It is a tiring and time taking process, but be sure that they are providing you with the service of passports or not.

      Budget-friendly accommodation.

      Suppose you took admission in abroad, all you need is a budget-friendly accommodation. The education consultant’s responsibility is to provide you with perfect lodging that comes under your budget. Before hiring them, you should talk with them regarding that. 

      The idea about the popular courses.

      As a student, it is not possible to know every detail of the courses, right? So, here comes the role of the consultants. They should provide you with all first of the information about the course. You should listen to what benefits you will get if you do the lessons. If you find that the consultants are unable to provide you with any detailed information regarding the course, then it’s better not to hire them.


      It would be a very tough task if you decided to continue your higher studies abroad. Don’t panic; lots of students are doing various courses in different parts of the world. We have given detailed information regarding the education consultants. Read everything and let your heart decide, which one suits you. There are lots of scammers, so before hiring any consultant, you should look at their identity card, and then only you will start discussing with them.